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Welcome to Sheridan

Sheridan, an old school book manufacturer tracing its roots to what was once considered the largest book printing operation in the world, is turning out hardcover pieces of classic literature with gold-edged pages and stunning artwork. Sheridan is a high-end book finishing and fulfillment company, located in Church Hill, Tennessee. In their 120,000-square-foot facility off Kingsport Press Road in Hawkins County producing both hardcover and paperback books with a skilled workforce of nearly 50 people. Sheridan has developed an equipment platform that can flexibly service deluxe, trade, and soft cover books at quantities ranging from one to a million. Sheridan has the ability to manufacture deluxe books domestically with very short turn times. Sheridan has built a reputation over the last 13 years as the industry leader in deluxe book production. As a compliment to their full-service suite of deluxe book finishing, Sheridan has also developed a fulfillment and distribution division that has been rapidly growing in recent years and has the ability to expand significantly with this acquisition. Sheridan can produce large or small book orders and has a 2nd floor warehouse that can ship books directly to the consumer. As demand increases for same day and next day delivery, Sheridan is strategically located nearby major hubs for FedEx and UPS that enables them to provide timely distribution.

121 Kingsport Press Rd, Church Hill, TN 37642
(423) 357-3433